Planning your vacation thoroughly is the first step to having a good holiday away from the demands and pressure of work. In your planning process, it is essential to take note of the things that you should pack. Ensuring that the most essential things are packed will prevent the hassle of looking for the things you need during your holidays instead of having a great time Having the most important things with you will ensure that you can communicate when you need help, find your way around and ensure that you can get from one place to another.


Below are the 5 most essential things you should pack in your luggage:

1. Passport and other travel documents

There is nothing more irritating than getting one’s scheduled travel canceled just because he/she forgets to bring a single important document needed for the travel. Passport is a travel essential that is can be forgotten because of negligence. Never forget to purchase a visa if need be and not wait till the last minute. It is a must to have these items on every to-do list when going abroad.

2. Money

Money is a basic necessity everywhere, every time. It is a travel essential not to just carry money converted to the local currency but also few American dollars to spare. The American dollar is a currency that is most commonly accepted anywhere around the globe.

Another type of expense medium is a credit card which is accepted almost everywhere in the world. There is no way to tell whether the cash brought along would be enough, especially when the traveler is on a shopping spree or on a travel expedition to every corner of the visiting country. The credit card is in an ideal and safe alternative to carrying wads of cash.

3. Having the right medication in your luggage will not only give you peace of mind but also ensures that no time is wasted looking for medication when you need it.

Whether you are sick or not it is essential to carry some basic drugs for basic emergency situations. Some of them are:


a. Drugs for Motion Sickness

It is very common to feel sick whenever the route becomes bumpy or windy or when one travels on a moving vehicle at a long distance. Even though there are bags provided for any discomfort, it is best to treat yourself beforehand.

b. Pain killers

Sometimes, travelers experience body pain due to too much walking or exertion or and minor injuries due to sporting activities such as kayaking or skiing. Taking pain killers prescribed by physicians can solve this problem, especially when postponing activities is not an option.

c. Band-aid

Having a plaster or band-aid will come in handy in case of cuts and feet blisters due to too much walking.

4. Travel guide or a map of one’s destination

Getting lost in a foreign place is common. Especially when batteries get easily used up when using smartphone applications, a conventional travel map will be the ideal alternative to finding your way around.

5. Mobile phone

Having a mobile phone with you is essential in order to communicate with the right people in case of emergency or to keep in touch with your loved ones. No one can do without the …

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