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Travel Tips for Europe – Visiting Berlin

When you decide to make a trip around the world there are many places to visit. You can find wondrous adventures all over the globe. The thing is when you do decide to travel you can be left with a lot of questions about what you should be doing to ensure you get the most out of your travels. In order to make sure you have an enjoyable traveling experience take note from the tips from this article, you can learn how to make your traveling adventures a blast.

You want to be able to communicate at least the basics in any country you decide to go and visit. So make sure you take with you a translation tool of some sort so that you can communicate with people. There are a lot of translators in the places you plan on visiting but your experience becomes a lot smoother when you can talk to people yourself.

You want to understand how the culture you are going to visit works. You want to avoid offending anyone because you don’t know local customs. You can do some research online or ask people about some of the local practices that take place on where you plan to visit.

So ask other people who have visited the cities and countries you plan on going about local tipping practices so that you do not seem like you are cheap.

Visiting Berlin

Travel Tips for Europe – Visiting Berlin

If you have never been to Berlin I highly recommend it. I went to Berlin to visit an old college friend not knowing or expecting much of the city but was I blown away. The history, architecture, and culture of the city were beautiful and unique.

Although Berlin is now all one, the city is still divided architecturally and historically into the East and West Berlin. In the old East Berlin, there is still the old beautiful palaces and old museums that line the main street of the old section of East Berlin. You will also see lines of old apartment buildings one after another that looks exactly the same showing the remnants of the old Communist regime.

Now as one city sites to see in Berlin are first and foremost the Reichstag, the Parliament building, with a glass dome on the top of the building. The dome offers a great view of the city and is located right next to the Brandenburg gate building, wherein 1987 Ronald Reagan made his famous statement to Mr Gorbechev – “Tear down this wall!”

Visiting Berlin

Visiting Berlin Around

Another site to see in Berlin is the remnants of the Berlin Wall. Remnants of the wall remain as a reminder of the past and is now an international memorial for freedom. It also has many beautiful paintings on the Eastern side.

Another site is Checkpoint Charlie. Famous for being the single crossing point for foreigners and Allied troops between East and West Berlin it is now an open-air museum where you can buy pieces of the Berlin Wall and much more.

Berlin is also known for its museums, churches, and its zoo. I highly recommend the Holocaust memorial as well as the Zoologischer Garten Berlin or the Berlin Zoo. Both are major tourist attractions.

Finally, a great way to see Berlin is to rent …

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